Fun Facts on The Noosa Triathlon

There is a long time to wait until we set off for the Noosa Triathlon, but it’s so exciting I can’t help but do the odd Google search when I have a spare few minutes (IE when I have reports to do on a Friday afternoon but I am procrastinating as much as possible)

Of course, we know that the Noosa Tri consists of a 1.5km/0.93mile swim, 40km/25mile bike ride and 10km/6.2mile run.  But that information only helps me train for it – it doesn’t help me envisage the day and what it will be like to be there.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find good gossip; triathletes tend to discuss times and distances rather than the fun stuff I want to know about, such as what food they have at the aid stations.  Here are some things I have found out so far: Continue reading

Christmas Swag

Socks with unicorns on them

The Unicorn that is Improvement Socks!

As heavily predicted, I did receive some triathlon-related gifts this Christmas.  It was rather lovely and made me realise how my life has changed when I’m actually pleased to receive bike-related paraphernalia for Christmas as opposed to expensive candles, books and dresses.  If anyone had told me last year that I’d be requesting lycra for Christmas, I would not have believed them, but here we are. Continue reading

Still Swimming

Back at the pool

Don’t give up

Despite the extreme regret after my ocean swim at Caloundra, and contrary to my predictions, I have not actually died of embarrassment; I am still here.

And after a few days of stewing it was time to get in the pool and set the record straight on my swimming abilities, because one bad session does not define me as a swimmer.  I decided I needed to simply absorb that day into the melange of days that is my Triathlon Training.  I am in the middle of a long, slow haul to the finish line of my first triathlon.  I am not done yet.

I will admit it wasn’t easy; I didn’t want to go to the pool.  I tried to find excuses not to go, and I don’t normally struggle with that.  After years of working out, not going to the gym is like not cleaning my teeth – the dirty sensation looms over my head all day.  When I’ve been to the gym, I feel energised, ready to take on the world.  I knew this to be true.  But I did not want to get back in the pool. Continue reading

Hotter Than a Jalapeno


Smokin’ hot

Hot in terms of temperature, that is.  You know, like when I’m working out and sweaty.  Because as the following compilation of photos shows, triathlon is definitely not sexy.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog over the last few months, it has helped to keep me motivated and on track.  There is a lot more to come next year but in the meantime I wish you all a very merry Christmas tomorrow.  Shane and I are going fishing in the morning and to my Mum’s for Christmas dinner (we’re seeing Shane’s family tonight and Boxing Day)

Some of these pictures have never been featured before.  So don’t say I didn’t get you anything for Christmas!
Continue reading

The Caloundra Report

King's Beach

King’s Beach at Caloundra

We had a lovely weekend in Caloundra as planned… but did I triathletise* the weekend as planned?

*Mirrium-Webster Dictionary’s** definition of triathletise: verb, patent pending, p.p triathletised.  To make changes or refine a product, event or method in order to incorporate wicked triathlon skills – namely swimming, biking, or running. Examples “Lauren triathletised her workouts” and “you can triathletise this by wearing a swimming costume and doing it in a pool” and “watch me triathletise the bejeezus out of this”.  See also: Triathletisation, the action of triathletising something.

**Not a real dictionary

Well, did I?  The short answer, is no. Continue reading

Another Event – But One For You, Too!

Virtual Race time!

Go to for details

I kind-of-sometimes hate the internet for its lies and negativity and spin and uncontrollable takeover of all that is good.  But I also kind-of sometimes love it for the communities it builds, the happiness, sharing and opportunities it can provide.  Oh, and the shopping.

I wouldn’t have this blog and your support if it weren’t for the internet!  I wouldn’t have discovered some of the races I’ve signed up for next year.  And I’d probably still be running with knee pain.

Today, I learned about another amazing thing that the internet does, and it has put one mammoth big tick in my ‘love the internet’ box. Continue reading

Building a Bridge

Straddie Salute

Another triathlon registration!

I have never really trained for a specific event before, and since signing up for my first triathlon I have thoroughly enjoyed having something to aim for. It has been fun to know that getting out of bed each morning to go to the gym has an end goal attached to it, as well as the greater purpose of maintaining a healthy body.

Even though I haven’t done it before, setting up a training program to complete a race has mostly come naturally, because I am at such a basic level that my ‘training’ simply revolves around going further each time. As I improve, my training will hopefully one day encompass getting faster, getting more efficient, getting better and getting more technical.  But for now, simply increasing distance and not drowning/falling off the bike/developing knee pain is enough to keep this girl happy.

Now that I have signed up for a proper triathlon, it is clear that the baby Bribie Triathlon is really just part of my training for the Olympic Distance triathlon I will be doing in Noosa in October 2016.  I guess that was always the intention, but the popularity of the Noosa Tri meant I had to bite the bullet and sign up for it before I have even done Bribie.

I personally couldn’t and wouldn’t attempt Noosa without doing Bribie first. I have heard that some people do jump straight into a full triathlon but I don’t think I could mentally take that on; I need to know I can survive it. So Bribie is smaller (easier?) and  less significant than Noosa, but still an essential piece of training to ensure I can line up at the start of an Olympic Distance Triathlon.

I could do as much swimming, biking and running as I want, but only races can really prepare you for races. The nerves, the packing, the nutrition requirements, the transition between each leg in huge areas full of thousands of other athletes’ gear, the mass swim start, the crowds of other cyclists on the bike route, the chaos and adrenalin. These are things that could overwhelm me or intimidate me just thinking about them, if I haven’t had a few mini practice runs before Noosa.

Which got me thinking that I should look into other opportunities to incorporate ‘race training’ before next October, as well as Bribie.
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A Weekend in Caloundra

running gear in the bag

Suitcase and beach bag packed

This afternoon we are heading up the coast for a weekend away in Caloundra, about 45 minutes north of where we live.

Due to my Ruthless Cutting of The List, I have no magazines with which to regale myself.  Magazine shopping got cut from The List almost immediately on Monday, although I have insisted to Shane that if at all possible we should take a stroll tomorrow morning to find a Newsagents.

I do, however, have Plans. Continue reading

Half Way to Bribie

about to burst

Holding in a scream during a mini meltdown

When I signed up for my first ever triathlon at Bribie, I had just over four months until race day. This week, I have 8 weeks to go, so I am half way though my training.

In some respects, training thus far has gone better than anticipated: I thought that the pain when running would take the whole four months to resolve, so I am thrilled that I can now run quite comfortably.

I can also do freestyle lengths in the pool back-to-back and I have a beautiful bike that I actually love to ride. I never expected either of those things to happen, especially in just 2 months.

So we should agree that Trying to be a Triathlete is so far a success… except, I am a spoiled rotten human and I can’t help but want MORE! Continue reading

Unchained From The Treadmill

Outside Running

No walls!

I have stuck to running on the treadmill while I learn to run without pain, so that I can control and monitor my progress.  It has been fairly boring.

So when I woke up early on Sunday and couldn’t ride my bike (because it has a flat tyre) and couldn’t go swimming (because the pool wasn’t open yet) I decided it was time to attempt an outside run. Continue reading