A Broken Finger

broken finger

I am temporarily unable to give anyone the finger

I don’t usually swim on a Monday but this morning I was sore from running yesterday (the subject of which should have been today’s post but I’ll do it tomorrow instead) so running was kind of out of the question.

And my bike is out of action until I fix my flat tyre.

Unfortunately the last swimming session I’d completed was a resounding success. Which sounds like a good thing but either it is karma or the Triathlon Gods (or I raise my expectations too high and set myself up for a fall) and I can never achieve two good sessions back-to-back. So this morning I was doomed. Continue reading

A Sudden Divorce

It's splitsville

It’s splitsville for me and my float

My relationship with Felicity the Float has been somewhat well documented on this blog. But today I have a sad announcement – we will no longer be seen together. Continue reading

The Flat Tyre

flat tyre face

Sitting on the side of the road with a flat

After reading yesterday’s blog post (particularly if you read it in combination with any other post I’ve ever written) I’m surprised nobody emailed me with a first draft of today’s post written out, ready to use.

Because obviously, obviously, after attending a workshop on how to change a flat tyre and deciding that I don’t need to invest in a flat tyre repair kit just yet…

I got a flat tyre the very next morning. Continue reading

Bike Maintenance

smug face

At 99 Bikes North Lakes for a Bike Maintenance Class. Feeling pleased with myself at my organisation skills.

So it turns out that I can’t drag Shane (my partner) behind me on a little bike trailer to fix any flat tyres or bicycle issues that crop up in my triathlons.  Primarily because he is refusing to do it.

Sad face.

Which means that I had to commit to learning yet another skill for triathlon training – bike maintenance. Continue reading

The One Where She is a Vitamix Blender


Food is fuel

Training Fuel?

Even though I don’t always eat as well as I should (because I am human) we have established that I have a decent understanding of what are the best foods for me to eat in order to fuel myself and make me feel good.  (And what foods are super tasty but evil.  Beer.)

Basically, I think I will be all set for preparing my race day meals.

The challenging part for me has been learning how to eat for reaching my everyday training goals. Continue reading

Impulse Buying


Like your favourite old leggings – my tri suit is hideous but sooo comfy

As regular readers will know, the unending shopping is my favourite leg of the sport of triathlon (even though my wallet hates it)

I shop online a lot because I can do it at 6 o’clock in the morning or 10 o’clock at night, which is handy when I need to fit in as many training sessions as possible.  At this stage of my triathlon training (with mountains of work in front of me) I am only really leaving the house to earn money, swim, bike or run.

Shopping online, especially on auction sites, often means you have to buy on impulse: you can’t touch the item or even see it properly sometimes.  You have to be prepared to take a bit of a risk, which adds to the fun I think.

Some of my impulse purchases have turned out to be fantastic.  Namely, the cycling shoes I bought from EBay secondhand – which I purchased before I even had a bike, because they seemed perfect for my needs and my budget and I decided I’d use them eventually (a week later, in fact)

Unfortunately, some other purchases have not been quite so successful. Continue reading

A Reality Check

don't panic

It’s not what it looks like, don’t panic

Swimming in the ocean for the first time was a bit of a wake-up call.  It is vastly different to swimming in a pool (obviously) but I also realised it’s not something that is easy to practice.  You need people around, you need to know you’re safe, you need to know a course, which changes depending on the tides… it’s not a case of simply showing up and jumping in to swim straight lines between ropes.

At the Noosa Triathlon in October next year, I have to swim 1500m in the ocean.  Not only is this further than I have completed in a pool (so far) I don’t even know how I would attempt to practice it in the ocean – that would be dangerous.  So apart from clocking up some serious laps in the pool, I decided that I had to come up with a Plan for OWS. Continue reading

A Friend Indeed

My coach

My swimming coach, who could also give me tips on being a more glamorous triathlete I think

When I first wrote about The Great Pool Panic on Instagram (where I started this blog) one of my friends, Kirstie, left a comment foolishly volunteering the information that she is a qualified swimming coach.  And, she said she would be happy to give me tips some day to improve my stroke.

This week, I sat on top of her until she agreed to bestow her knowledge upon me. Continue reading

Bike Swim Bike

transition setup

The receptionist watched me set this up with a look that clearly said ‘Are you on drugs?’

The traditional triathlon approach (and the approach favoured by both of my upcoming triathlons) is Swim-then-Bike-then-Run.  I have been practicing the ‘Transition Two’ from cycling to running with limited success.  In fact scratch that – I’ve been practicing the transition from cycling to running with repeated failures too pathetic to even document on this blog.  It’s really hard to control your legs sufficiently to run after doing a bike ride, especially when I’m trying to maintain my pain-preventing good form.

So T2 is a failure thus far.  Which made me think that I should probably test out the other transition (from swim to bike) as well, just in case I am also rubbish at that. Continue reading

Champion Eating Skillz

Banana carbs.

Bananas. A delicious fruit with lots of good carbs.

I am really good at eating, like seriously good.  I enjoy cooking, I enjoy eating… catch me on the right day and I kind of even enjoy grocery shopping (gasp!)

Platefuls of food disappear within seconds, in my presence.  It would be unusual for my dish to contain any crumbs when I’ve finished.  I very rarely if ever lose my appetite when I am ill.  After spending a day with me, you’d know in your heart the same sad fact that I have known for years: there is a fat drunk lady inside me just screaming to get out. Continue reading