A New Helmet

New helmet

Happy Birthday to me!

I’ve been banned from cycling in social groups until I get some lycra, a punishment I have accepted with gusto because if ever there was a triathlon challenge that I knew I could conquer, it is the shopping challenge.

However, all purchases need to be factored into the household budget with a little bit of care, as it’s not very fair to expect the rest of the family to stop eating so that I can buy a new cycling jersey this week.  So, I am trying to maintain my philosophy of approaching triathlon with a level of commitment that is ‘within reason‘ and spread my spending out.

I thought my aforementioned family would appreciate this gesture of selflessness, but apparently not.  A few days ago, my dear, loving, gentle old Grandpa stormed into the kitchen where I was making a cuppa and declared that I absolutely must not be seen outside the house with such a useless-looking bike helmet ever again.


Too ugly!

He proclaimed that he had spent his entire morning carefully researching bicycle helmets.  Therefore, he could now apparently confirm that the helmet I had purchased for twenty dollars from KMart was not only offensive to his now-expert eyes, but it would also prove utterly pointless in the event of an accident.  He threw his arms around a bit to demonstrate exactly how my head would be sliced into two by the passing motorists that are out to get me and then calmed down enough to ask whether he could buy me a helmet for my birthday.  Which is in January, about 12 days before my first triathlon at Bribie Island.

For my birthday; yes that is a deal and it will be just in time for my first race! I agreed.

No, no, no, he said.  I’ll go and order it now and you’ll have to wear it straight away.  Again, he swung his arms around and reiterated the potential for decapitation unless I started wearing the new helmet immediately.

We settled on me wearing the helmet until January 30, at which point I will give it back to him for wrapping up and presenting to me the next day, so that I can continue to wear it.

Swanky helmet

Ooo! Swanky. It matches the mint green and white highlights of my bike. Grandpa chose well.

The helmet arrived a few days later and I was impressed but not surprised that Grandpa had chosen the perfect one.  And it feels much more secure on my head, unlike the other one which always slipped around a bit.

And so it is that I am one step closer to looking the part!  Thanks to a crazy Grandpa.  Now I really do need some lycra.

7 thoughts on “A New Helmet

    • Thank you, I am pleased you like it! It was so nice of him to offer to get me a helmet, but when he took the time to find one that matches the colours of my bike as well, it was extra special. I am very lucky 🙂

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