It's not Christmas without pav

There is a pav under all that fruit and cream

I had two weeks off from my job over Christmas, a break enforced by my esteemed employer who staged a company shutdown, presumably to remind us all that our our work is worthless and entirely expendable.

In the first week, I enjoyed logging in to my computer to write my blog posts… But as the second week arrived and the dreaded return to the coal face loomed ever closer, I frankly couldn’t bear the sight of a keyboard and computer screen.  So I escaped to a small cabin in a campsite out past woop-woop with Shane (my partner) and tried to pretend that the only existing technology was beer factories, microwaves and Instagram.

So if you were wondering where I had gone, you can rest assured that I simply had my head buried in the sand – in complete denial that I have a job or need money to buy beer and expensive triathlon crap.

But I am back now and there is no escaping the fact that this week I am working.  And the blog is back on track. So how was Christmas training?

As expected and completely permissible during the most fantastic time of year that is Christmas, the gym was closed for a few days and open for only a couple of hours on certain other days, and I had friends or family commitments and hangovers to deal with on the days in-between.  So the consistency of my training was nowhere near as high as I usually commit to.  Twice a day 5 days a week and once a day for the other two days a week is a high standard to maintain, so I wasn’t concerned that I didn’t maintain it during my holidays.  In fact, I effing loved it.

In some ways, Christmas training was a resounding success.  I was extremely dedicated to practicing my carb loading and I am thrilled to announce that of all the triathlon skills, my carb loading is 100% on track.  See the pavlova above and the second one below?  I successfully loaded approximately half of each of their carb content into my stomach.  Yes!

Artsy pav

A bit more artistic this one – clearly made by a real Australian because it has the passionfruit seeds on it

In the brief moments that I awoke from my Christmas Food and Drink Coma to train for my upcoming triathlon, I didn’t hit any amazing goals. My cycling was great fun, and I practiced a few hills and some long distances against some very evil headwinds.  But because of the pavlovas and headwinds and a distinct lack of watch, I don’t know if I made much progress in the cycling department.  My confidence is certainly much higher now, so let’s count it as a win.

As a side note, on one of my Christmas rides I decided to change my route up and head towards Redcliffe, a seaside town that I hope to ride to on Sunday mornings in the future, so as to meet Shane for breakfast.  It’s one of our favourite places to go on a Sunday morning because there are nice markets and lots of good cafes; a great place for people-watching.

To get to Redcliffe is about a 70km round-trip so I thought I’d start practicing by cycling half way there, turning round and cycling home again.  Apparently it’s a ride that lots of other cyclists do too; I saw heaps of people cycling back the other way.  When I see another cyclist I get excited, a bit like Matilda does when she sees another little puppy and wants to be their friend.  I stop short of rolling over onto my back for a tummy and bum inspection as Matilda would, but I do wave at all other cyclists when I am on my bike.

On my trip to Redcliffe and back, only one person returned my little wave – a man on his mountain bike who also didn’t have any lycra on.  I can’t help but think that the other cyclists didn’t acknowledge me because I didn’t have proper cycling gear on.  I will keep you updated on this because when I finally get some gear from Cycology I am going to test out my theory by waving at everyone and judging everyone who waves back for being stuck up enough to only wave at lycra-clad cyclists.  And also still judging the ones who don’t wave, for being stuck up to all cyclists no matter how they are clad.  So they can’t win either way but I still need to perform the test and find out what the cause is.

I hope I never get too big for my boots to not wave at someone because they are wearing crap clothes from K-Mart to cycle in.

Anyway back to the Christmas review.  The cycling was good.

On a slightly less good note, my swimming wasn’t too bad, but with only a month to go until the Bribie Island Triathlon I can no longer bear the thought of ruining my tri suit before the big day. The sports bra that I was wearing underneath the suit started going see-through like my original swimming costume and I started to panic that my suit wouldn’t be far behind.  Apparently if things are not chlorine resistant, they will be ruined, and because I bought my suit from EBay I have no idea whether it’s chlorine resistant or not.  Wise people have advised me that it probably isn’t…

So over Christmas I tried to make do with my bikini but because of the aforementioned pavlovas, I was rather uncomfortable swimming in that and I think it hampered my success in the pool.  I really need to get a swim suit to train in; it’s on this week’s shopping list.  Oh, and I also need a new cap, because I put my finger through my existing one.

Considering the only gear you need to go swimming is a suit, goggles and cap I have been feeling a bit doomed.

sweaty face

This face sweat is proudly brought to you by the Elliptical Trainer at the gym

So finally, the bad news.  My running was a complete failure.  I have been putting off making an official announcement because I was hoping I would recover, but unfortunately there is no denying it now – I have suffered a dismal relapse to running with pain and I need to go and see the Physio this week.

I thought I’d just overdone it the week before Christmas when I had my flat tyre and a broken finger, so took to running almost every day.  After day four of running I developed a shooting pain through my hip that is now so bad that I can’t run 100m and can barely walk at a fast pace.  I’ve tried resting it, stretching it, running slowly, running sprints, running outside, running on the treadmill.  It’s always there.

I am trying not to dwell on it but am staying positive that the physio will fix me, or if not then maybe some acupuncture or something.  In the meantime, I am back on the elliptical (cross-trainer machine) to maintain my fitness and ensure that when I can physically run again, my heart and lungs will be able to keep up.

Yes, I know I have a virtual race this coming weekend.  And yes, I know that I need to practice my transitions between cycling and running before Bribie.  And yes, I know that there is only a month to go until Bribie.  These are the facts that keep me awake at 3am as I lay in bed and think about every bad decision I have ever made in my life and then beat myself around the head with the seemingly obvious conclusion that not only is what I said to my friend in year 6 completely stupid and embarrassing but I am also never going to complete a triathlon.

There is really nothing I can do – the new pain is actually worse than the original pain unfortunately and if Bribie were this weekend I fear that I’d be looking at walking the whole running portion.  Which I will count as a failure if such a situation eventuates.

So, Christmas training had its ups and downs.  There is lots of work to be done but I have enjoyed a few days of rest and feel ready to conquer all.  Here we go!

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