Christmas Swag

Socks with unicorns on them

The Unicorn that is Improvement Socks!

As heavily predicted, I did receive some triathlon-related gifts this Christmas.  It was rather lovely and made me realise how my life has changed when I’m actually pleased to receive bike-related paraphernalia for Christmas as opposed to expensive candles, books and dresses.  If anyone had told me last year that I’d be requesting lycra for Christmas, I would not have believed them, but here we are.

Shane (my partner) was especially on the ball with gift-giving, surprising me with the full flat-tyre repair kit including the required bag to strap the whole lot under my saddle, where hopefully it will remain unused for many months.  But it sure looks good and applying it to my bike also prompted me to remove the reflectors and bell, which I had been meaning to do since we first bought it.  Because I’d read that riding around with reflectors and a bell is another sure sign of a rookie and it just aint cool.  I must be cool.

New bag

New bag under my saddle for storing emergency gear!

Speaking of which, cyclists definitely take ‘being cool’ quite seriously and over the last few weeks of riding and observing other riders on Instagram, it had become patently obvious to me that a serious fashion trend has overtaken the world of cycling; namely, socks.

I am not sure if this is a world-wide cycling necessity or how long it has been ‘a thing’ but through careful research and studying I can definitely confirm that all of the cool riders in Australia wear brightly-coloured, preferably clashing socks pulled up half way up their calves.

I needed in on the action and luckily Shane obliged with a fabulous selection of pretty socks from Happy Socks.

too cool for school

Fabulous socks from Happy Socks

As you may notice, one of the pairs features beautiful unicorns, which of course is quite appropriate given my quest to find The Unicorn that is Improvement.  I think I might save these socks to wear on race day at Noosa, although that is a long while away and I would much rather wear them all day today and tomorrow so that I can make holes in them and then hate myself for a few hours because I can’t be trusted with nice things.  I must resist.

A little more significant than socks but slightly less sexy was a bike mount for my car, so that I can take my bike to exotic locations for a ride.  Or to Bribie Island on race day.  Which is handy, because my only other method of bike transportation was to get Shane to take the bike places for me in his (bigger) car.  With my shiny new mount, I am now free to haul my bike wherever I fancy, whenever I fancy it.

Finally, because all of that wasn’t quite enough to ensure I can maintain the title of spoiled brat all year, my other bit of Triathlon Swag was a very nice t-shirt from Cycology Gear.  I absolutely love this t-shirt and I look forward to wearing it immediately after my first triathlon, when I hope I will be able to say ‘I Tri’ with more conviction.

I Tri T-shirt

Triathlete T-shirt. This way I don’t need a tattoo on my forehead announcing it. Yet.

You may be able to see that underneath the sketches of the bike, shoes and goggles are various mantras and phrases associated with the sport of triathlon, and to finish this post I will share a selection that I like.  I found it inspiring and I love it.

“I believe in redefining my impossible”

“Triathlon – 90% mental, the other half physical”

“Bite off more than you can chew.  Then chew it”

“To tri is to risk failure… Not to tri is to guarantee it”

“Pain is temporary… Quitting hurts forever” – my new favourite saying!

“Know your limitations – then defy them”

“It’s me against myself”

I hope everyone reading this had a great Christmas too x

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