Fun Facts on The Noosa Triathlon

There is a long time to wait until we set off for the Noosa Triathlon, but it’s so exciting I can’t help but do the odd Google search when I have a spare few minutes (IE when I have reports to do on a Friday afternoon but I am procrastinating as much as possible)

Of course, we know that the Noosa Tri consists of a 1.5km/0.93mile swim, 40km/25mile bike ride and 10km/6.2mile run.  But that information only helps me train for it – it doesn’t help me envisage the day and what it will be like to be there.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find good gossip; triathletes tend to discuss times and distances rather than the fun stuff I want to know about, such as what food they have at the aid stations.  Here are some things I have found out so far:

  1. The Noosa Multisport Festival is the largest triathlon festival in the Southern hemisphere and the third largest triathlon event in the whole world.
  2. With over 8500 competitors, it’s going to be very crowded on the big day.  Let’s say each competitor brings 2 supporters with them (I am hoping to have Mum, Blob, Shane and Grandpa there – that’s 4 just for little old me!).  That means on race day there will probably be over 25,000 people visiting Noosa.
  3. In 2015, the 30-34 year old women’s group of athletes were split into ‘waves’ according to their surnames.  Those with last names beginning with letter A-L like me set off at 7.52am.  This means that if they follow the same schedule in 2016, on race day I will probably have a long wait from when the first wave of elite athletes leave at 6.15am and an even longer wait from when I have breakfast at about 5am.  Enough time to get nervous, get hungry and dehydrated, freak out etc.  Also, by the time I start my run (the last portion of the race) it will be past 11am, which means it’s going to be really bloody hot.
  4. The bike climb up the infamous Garmin Hill is 2.8km long, with about 40 turns. And of course, it is quite steep.  I need to practice hills on my bike!
  5. Garmin hill is a challenge on the downwards side too.  Apparently you’ll average about 50km an hour, with some getting up to 80km an hour – and the professionals will get up to 100km an hour.  I will be sitting up and yanking on my brakes, don’t worry mum.
  6. Until 2015 the Noosa triathlon swim leg took place in the sheltered canal system of Noosa Sound.  It was swapped to the main beach for the first time last year (2015) to showcase Noosa’s beautiful beaches better – and they’re planning on doing the same for 2016.  So, sharks it is.
  7. A few swimmers reported getting stung by sea lice in the swim portion of the Noosa Triathlon.  If you’re a fisherman – they don’t mean that type of sea lice!  Swimmer sea lice are basically baby jellyfish that get stuck in your bathers and sting you in clusters.  From what I’ve read, there is not much you can do to avoid them so it is just another thing to be weary of when I finish the race – hose down in fresh water!  I might put a bottle of water in transition to squirt myself in any itchy spots.
  8. I read last year’s rules and regulations and found the following excerpt , which made me laugh and also scares me:
    You May Not Crawl

    An excerpt from The Noosa Triathlon Athletes’ Guide – You may not crawl!


  9. There are 5 aid stations on the run leg of the course – I assume that will mean one every 2km.  I’ll be taking in water at each of them; I just hope I wont need any actual aid!
  10. The Noosa triathlon is a year older than me – the first one was in 1983.  Apparently the 1983 event only had 180 competitors, helmets were optional and cyclists got lost on the course.  It was a one-day event, featuring just the triathlon.  These days, the festival takes place over 5 days and features many different events including a golf tournament!  The festival culminates with the triathlon on the last day.

I can’t wait!

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