The Caloundra Report

King's Beach

King’s Beach at Caloundra

We had a lovely weekend in Caloundra as planned… but did I triathletise* the weekend as planned?

*Mirrium-Webster Dictionary’s** definition of triathletise: verb, patent pending, p.p triathletised.  To make changes or refine a product, event or method in order to incorporate wicked triathlon skills – namely swimming, biking, or running. Examples “Lauren triathletised her workouts” and “you can triathletise this by wearing a swimming costume and doing it in a pool” and “watch me triathletise the bejeezus out of this”.  See also: Triathletisation, the action of triathletising something.

**Not a real dictionary

Well, did I?  The short answer, is no. Continue reading

A Friend Indeed

My coach

My swimming coach, who could also give me tips on being a more glamorous triathlete I think

When I first wrote about The Great Pool Panic on Instagram (where I started this blog) one of my friends, Kirstie, left a comment foolishly volunteering the information that she is a qualified swimming coach.  And, she said she would be happy to give me tips some day to improve my stroke.

This week, I sat on top of her until she agreed to bestow her knowledge upon me. Continue reading

The Mass Swim Start

the Burpengary Pool

The pool, not at ‘rush hour’

From my obsessive research I have learned that at most triathlon races, the event begins with the sound of a gun firing and the athletes sprinting down a beach to crashing waves, where everyone must dive in to the water and start swimming toward a buoy or some kind of marker. As a result of this mass start, you have 200-odd people pushing towards one small spot in the distant water, trying to swim in the exact same patch of water. Inevitably it seems, I will be kicked, punched, swum over.

I didn’t know I was going to get a chance to train for this, but the opportunity was thrust upon me yesterday morning.
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A Tale of Two Swims

Matilda the dog, swimming

Matilda offered to demonstrate some swimming to help me see how it should be done.

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.  Yes in that order, sorry Charles Dickens.

Last week I did two swimming training sessions, as usual.  Ideally I should probably do more because swimming is definitely my weakest link, but I also have to squeeze in running, cycling, a mash-up session (which I have brought into the training mix earlier than I originally anticipated, following the disastrous first attempt) as well as strength training.  So basically I have found that for now, two swims is my limit.  Maybe when I’m good enough to do more mash-ups I’ll be able to increase the swimming because I’ll get my running and cycling done in one hit – stay tuned on that I guess.

[Incidentally, I did my second ever mash-up last week and the best way I could describe it would be to say that it was like I had turned into a chicken trying to climb a tree.  Leg coordination = non-existent. Approximate distance gained = negligible. Hilarity factor = medium. Oh who am I kidding, hilarity factor was high. There is muchos work to be done on this element of my triathlon training; it aint pretty.  Look out for a report after next week’s attempt.]

So anyway (last week, two sessions of swimming, stay focused Lauren) my first session of swimming was – how do you say? Sh*thouse. Continue reading