Champion Eating Skillz

Banana carbs.

Bananas. A delicious fruit with lots of good carbs.

I am really good at eating, like seriously good.  I enjoy cooking, I enjoy eating… catch me on the right day and I kind of even enjoy grocery shopping (gasp!)

Platefuls of food disappear within seconds, in my presence.  It would be unusual for my dish to contain any crumbs when I’ve finished.  I very rarely if ever lose my appetite when I am ill.  After spending a day with me, you’d know in your heart the same sad fact that I have known for years: there is a fat drunk lady inside me just screaming to get out. Continue reading


Baby picture

Baby Lauren aka She Can Try, with mum

It was Thanksgiving in America over the weekend (I guess, because Instagram was filled with pictures of Turkeys and pumpkin pies and people with smiling faces)

So I am naming this post Thanksgiving because I have something special to be thankful for, and I don’t mind jumping on an American holiday with a fantastic name.  In fact, I think we should consider renaming Christmas Eve (not Christmas Day, don’t panic) to Hopegiving.  Or New Years Eve to Startafreshgiving.

When I started this triathlon journey only a couple of months ago, I knew that finishing a triathlon was an impossibility for me.  I knew I would have to change physically and mentally to withstand the requirements of a proper triathlon, which I will be doing in October next year (please note that I keep thinking it is November next year and I have been saying that aloud to lots of people, but that is just some bizarre internal wishful thinking and I apologise for misleading you – the Noosa Traithlon is definitely in October 2016)

To say ‘triathlon is impossible’ was true for me – I could not swim, I did not own a bike, and I could not run.  I thought I was starting from scratch, but I have slowly come to realise that I did have some advantages behind me that would help me towards making it all ‘un-impossible’.  Like my weight-lifting, which I wrote about yesterday.  And my champion eating skills, which I will write about tomorrow.  And my family, which I am thankful for today. Continue reading

Lifting Heavy Things


Lift these up. Then put them down again.

Eight and a half years ago I joined a gym and picked up a dumbbell for the first time.  I had previously been scared I would ‘bulk up’ or start to look like a body builder if I started lifting weights, but Shane insisted I was wrong and now, many years later, I can confirm that the only change to my body has been slimming down, getting toned and successfully creating shape in my bottom where there was none before.  So don’t tell Shane, but he was right.  Again.

I had a short interval where I left the gym and popped out for sweet treats (for about a year) but I have been going to my current gym for 5 years, no quitting.  It is almost like cleaning my teeth now – I go there on auto-pilot, and feel yucky when I haven’t been. Continue reading