Time to Freak Out

Go Away World!

This is me trying to suffocate myself or something

So the triathlon is on Sunday and I am trying really hard not to think about it, frankly.

But at 3am, when I usually either 1) lie awake regretting that dumb thing I said four years ago or 2) sit at my laptop typing my next blog post, it is hard to not let my mind wander straight into the arms of Triathlon Remorse.

It’s like the hot darkness of the living room breeds fear.  I listen to the possum in the roof having its nightly rave (because apparently if possums get their hands on rat poison it’s like the equivalent of ecstasy for humans or something) and my stupid brain starts THINKING.  Of all the things for a brain to do!

It doesn’t stop until I reassure myself that hopefully I will crash my car into a flaming wreck on the way to the race and everything will be ok.  And finally sleep takes hold.

So what am I so worried about? Continue reading

Soggy Mash


A bit wet.  IE Soggy.

Yesterday was Australia Day – a special public holiday here in Oz, when we passionately celebrate our beautiful land and the wonderful Aussie lifestyle, whilst simultaneously feeling guilty and ashamed of celebrating and partying on the anniversary of the first landing (aka the first invasion)

We are a complicated nation.  And we’re not super good at picking dates for national parties.

Anyway, once again the gym was shut for most of the day, opening only between 9 and 12. Before commencing triathlon, this would have meant either working out in the heat of the day or swapping my workout entirely for a simple walk with the dog.

Now that I can run and cycle, I no longer need four walls and equipment to get hot and sweaty! And I had an excellent plan. Continue reading

Still Swimming

Back at the pool

Don’t give up

Despite the extreme regret after my ocean swim at Caloundra, and contrary to my predictions, I have not actually died of embarrassment; I am still here.

And after a few days of stewing it was time to get in the pool and set the record straight on my swimming abilities, because one bad session does not define me as a swimmer.  I decided I needed to simply absorb that day into the melange of days that is my Triathlon Training.  I am in the middle of a long, slow haul to the finish line of my first triathlon.  I am not done yet.

I will admit it wasn’t easy; I didn’t want to go to the pool.  I tried to find excuses not to go, and I don’t normally struggle with that.  After years of working out, not going to the gym is like not cleaning my teeth – the dirty sensation looms over my head all day.  When I’ve been to the gym, I feel energised, ready to take on the world.  I knew this to be true.  But I did not want to get back in the pool. Continue reading

A Broken Finger

broken finger

I am temporarily unable to give anyone the finger

I don’t usually swim on a Monday but this morning I was sore from running yesterday (the subject of which should have been today’s post but I’ll do it tomorrow instead) so running was kind of out of the question.

And my bike is out of action until I fix my flat tyre.

Unfortunately the last swimming session I’d completed was a resounding success. Which sounds like a good thing but either it is karma or the Triathlon Gods (or I raise my expectations too high and set myself up for a fall) and I can never achieve two good sessions back-to-back. So this morning I was doomed. Continue reading


Triathlon Acronym Book

A book like this would be really useful

I have mentioned before that learning to become a triathlete entails more than learning to swim, bike and run.  You have to learn how to mash those things together somewhat seamlessly.  You have to learn how to pace yourself and ‘keep some in the tank’ for the next portion of the race.  You have to learn to fuel your body with food and drink at the right times without throwing up or spilling it all over your bike as you try to move forward.  You have to train your mind to stay in the game when everything is hard and it hurts.

All of these things I have been Googling and reading about over the last few weeks with enthusiasm.  I like the idea of learning how to employ a fueling strategy and devising plans for approaching each leg of the race; it makes me feel like a proper athlete.

I also like learning the triathlon jargon.  I am hoping to start throwing it into conversations; I’ve been practicing with Matilda the dog.  And I am discovering that the world of triathletes is particularly passionate about acronyms, of which I am compiling a list… Continue reading

Time to Run Part 2, or The Meltdown

My Visit to Crazy Land

My brief visit to Crazy Land

I’ve clearly seen too many adverts extolling the virtues of Scholl’s gel inserts and the like, because in spite of the podiatrist’s advice that orthotics might not help my knee pain as much as I was expecting, I only took about two metephorical eggs out of that basket.  I still believed that everything would get better with insoles. Continue reading