My First ‘parkrun’

parkrun registration

My parkrun registration

I initially heard about parkrun (intentionally spelled with a small p, NEVER a capital!) about 2 years ago when a lady I worked with announced she’d done her first parkrun on the weekend. I had no idea what parkrun was – but from the way she said it, it was clear it was ‘a thing’ so I nodded enthusiastically and said ‘Well done! Go you!’ or something like that. Then I snuck back to my desk and Googled it. Continue reading

Physio Session 2

Emergency!  Emergency!  Buy New Shoes!

Emergency! Emergency! Buy New Shoes!

Just over a week ago my new Physio, Jake, banned me from running but promised he’d have me ready to run at Bribie.

So when I turned up for my second physio session on Friday, I was fully prepared for more needles, more pressure points and more running ban.  We’ve still got 3 weeks until the mini Bribie Triathlon.

Indeed, an hour of the same physio talk and tests ensued – there was jumping, hopping and twisting of my legs.  Jake got his extra-thick needles out and did some more dry-needling – actually, a lot more.  And it was really painful.  I wished he would switch to acupuncture instead.  Dry-needling is more of an archaeological dig for injury fossils inside me than just a few strategic pin pricks like you get with acupuncture.  There is a lot of ‘rummaging’ with the needle tip once it’s inside and boy is it painful.  Especially when he hits a nerve (yes that happened)

But then, as a magical surprise just as I was about to leave and make my next appointment, Jake announced that he was happy for me to go for a run.  Well he called it a jog, but we all know that sounds much less serious than a run and what is the technical difference? I don’t know so I always claim a run, never a jog. Jogs are for wimps.

Anyway, I stared at him.  Really?  Yes, just take it easy, wait for at least 24 hours from now and don’t do more than 4km.  Stop if you get any pain, but if you just feel a bit tight then you can keep running, he said.

I took this to mean that I am the best physio patient he’s ever had and I have healed at a speed that even Superman would be proud of.  I patted myself on the back and hurried out of the office to plan my first Recovery Run. Continue reading

Running a Virtual Race

In my cossie

Ready to… Run? In my cossie

The only real rules around taking part in the fantastic virtual race that I signed up for (in aid of Project Semicolon) was that I had to run my chosen distance one day this weekend.

I struggled to lay down any actual plans around this because I had to wait and see what miracle cure the Physiotherapist would have up his sleeves to sort out my stupid hip pain.  But generally I was thinking that I’d run on Saturday.

Today being Saturday, and in light of the total ban on running that my Physio imposed yesterday, I had to quickly think outside the box.  It wasn’t that hard, because the answer to my dilemma occurred to me as I sat in the Physio’s office, when he told me that I should try jumping and hopping in the pool.  I decided to run in the pool. Continue reading

The Physio Appointment

Physio's Office

The Physio’s office

Since hurting my hip the week before Christmas, I’ve been running less and less.  And then even less again – in the past week and a half I have relegated myself entirely to ‘running’ on the elliptical trainer, which hopefully maintains my heart and lung’s ability to run when the time comes, but doesn’t really make up for the fact that my legs can’t run for sh*t.

Initially I was adamant that the new pain would go away of its own accord, because it clearly isn’t related to my (now perfect) running form.  Surely.  It can’t be, because my form is seriously so perfect.  I figured it was just a little ‘overuse injury’ that I had probably caught early enough to just rest and let get better.

I don’t know if I didn’t rest it enough, but it did not go away.  Each time that I attempted to run over Christmas, the pain came shooting back through my right hip and now I have it 24-7.  That’s all the time, for those of us that hate numbers.

One of the interesting affects of writing a blog about one topic (ie, triathlon) is that some people seem to think that is all I do: blog and train.  I guess it’s easy to forget I have to do actual paid work as well.  Oh, and wash myself and make food and walk the dog and do the laundry and whatnot.  So I’d just like to point out that if physio offices were open at 6am, I’d probably have been there on Monday morning.  But alas I had to wait until I knew I had more than a 20 minute lunch break to waste on a doctors appointment.

So don’t panic – I wasn’t trying to sabotage myself or give up running or find a way to give up triathlon entirely by not fixing my hip pain.  I think I just need to quit my job and divorce my family so that I’ve got a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to this crap.

Until I get around to that, bear with me.  I generally get there in the end. Continue reading

Another Event – But One For You, Too!

Virtual Race time!

Go to for details

I kind-of-sometimes hate the internet for its lies and negativity and spin and uncontrollable takeover of all that is good.  But I also kind-of sometimes love it for the communities it builds, the happiness, sharing and opportunities it can provide.  Oh, and the shopping.

I wouldn’t have this blog and your support if it weren’t for the internet!  I wouldn’t have discovered some of the races I’ve signed up for next year.  And I’d probably still be running with knee pain.

Today, I learned about another amazing thing that the internet does, and it has put one mammoth big tick in my ‘love the internet’ box. Continue reading

A Weekend in Caloundra

running gear in the bag

Suitcase and beach bag packed

This afternoon we are heading up the coast for a weekend away in Caloundra, about 45 minutes north of where we live.

Due to my Ruthless Cutting of The List, I have no magazines with which to regale myself.  Magazine shopping got cut from The List almost immediately on Monday, although I have insisted to Shane that if at all possible we should take a stroll tomorrow morning to find a Newsagents.

I do, however, have Plans. Continue reading

Unchained From The Treadmill

Outside Running

No walls!

I have stuck to running on the treadmill while I learn to run without pain, so that I can control and monitor my progress.  It has been fairly boring.

So when I woke up early on Sunday and couldn’t ride my bike (because it has a flat tyre) and couldn’t go swimming (because the pool wasn’t open yet) I decided it was time to attempt an outside run. Continue reading

The One Where She is a Vitamix Blender


Food is fuel

Training Fuel?

Even though I don’t always eat as well as I should (because I am human) we have established that I have a decent understanding of what are the best foods for me to eat in order to fuel myself and make me feel good.  (And what foods are super tasty but evil.  Beer.)

Basically, I think I will be all set for preparing my race day meals.

The challenging part for me has been learning how to eat for reaching my everyday training goals. Continue reading

The Camping Triathlete

my packing

Yes I am taking a suitcase camping

The only time I ever think to buy magazines is when we’re going on some kind of a holiday.  It has become a kind of tradition and these days, no matter how long or short, it just doesn’t feel like a holiday without a few magazines to flick idly through as I sip a beer and stretch out in the sun.

We’re taking the dog camping for a couple of days this weekend and as I walked into the newsagents last night to get my magazine haul, the one that caught my eye was, of course, Triathlon Magazine.  I’ve never read or bought this magazine before and I was quite excited to spot it in my local newsagent.  There is even a story about the Noosa Triathlon course!  I don’t know what secrets I may find out from this article but I am pretty sure it will make all the difference to my race, so thank you in advance, Triathlon Magazine. Continue reading

I Can Run!

She Can Sweat

She Can Run! And sweat, evidently.

After completing my first pain-free 5km run, I was tempted to get straight back on the treadmill the next day and do it again. It was just so fun and exciting to be able to run comfortably.

Instead, I celebrated with a beer and rested my knees for a few days, switching my training to swimming for the next mornings.  The plan was to give myself the best possible chance of enjoying the same running experience all over again, because even though I had felt no pain during the successful run, I woke up the next day with slightly creaky hips – probably as a gentle reminder that I hadn’t run anywhere for 7 years and couldn’t expect to suddenly run everywhere.

And if I’m honest, a small part of me deep down was convinced that the whole thing had to be a fluke – so dragging out the rest period for as long as possible allowed me to enjoy the pretense that I could now run without pain. Continue reading