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Yes I am taking a suitcase camping

The only time I ever think to buy magazines is when we’re going on some kind of a holiday.  It has become a kind of tradition and these days, no matter how long or short, it just doesn’t feel like a holiday without a few magazines to flick idly through as I sip a beer and stretch out in the sun.

We’re taking the dog camping for a couple of days this weekend and as I walked into the newsagents last night to get my magazine haul, the one that caught my eye was, of course, Triathlon Magazine.  I’ve never read or bought this magazine before and I was quite excited to spot it in my local newsagent.  There is even a story about the Noosa Triathlon course!  I don’t know what secrets I may find out from this article but I am pretty sure it will make all the difference to my race, so thank you in advance, Triathlon Magazine.

As I proudly took my magazine selection to the counter I felt the old pimp-walk come to life, although I also had a copy of ‘Fishing Monthly’ for Shane and some other rubbish, so I was unsure whether I should point out to the lady serving me that the Triathlon magazine is for me.  Because, you know, I am going to be a triathlete.

I managed to restrain myself, but I couldn’t resist getting on here and blabbing about it.

I have also downloaded a ‘Women’s Triathlon’ magazine to my tablet, and I even splashed out on Runner’s World magazine because I’m in the market for a new pair of shoes and I thought I should consider basing my purchase on something other than simple good looks this time.  Note the use of the word consider – I will probably just choose whatever pretty runners catch my eye, but I am opening my mind as a triathlete should.

Runner's World

A suitcase provides ample room for magazines

My mum used to buy Runner’s World when I was little and it was fun to buy myself a copy, especially after all this time of not being able to run.


Wake me up when you have finished writing your dumb blog and it’s time to go camping

So the plan this weekend is to pamper the dog.  I will take her for a run with me on Saturday hopefully, which will be my first run with my new perfect form outside – not on a treadmill!  Unfortunately the creek at the camping spot is too shallow to properly swim in (although the dog will jump in and probably do better than I would) and I wont be taking my bike as the car will be full of dog and camping gear.  So a run and a rest will do me fine.

My favourite thing about camping is planning all the meals and taking exactly the right food with me so that I hardly bring anything home.  I am not sure why that is so enjoyable; perhaps because it is so very very satisfying.  This weekend we will be munching on lots of healthful foods but also some treats such as bananas and nutella on the campfire, and of course BEER!  In case you were wondering, beer is not part of the Official Triathlete Diet but it is certainly well recognised as an Official Human Treat and so even though I am attempting to be a triathlete, I am still a human and can still enjoy my beers.

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