My Wallet Hates Triathlon

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Goodies bought on the internet, delivered by the postman

So far, my favourite thing about triathlon is the shopping.  Even buying a hideous lycra suit has been a joyous experience, particularly in comparison to my futile attempts to improve the triathlon vehicle I am building (that is, my body).

Subscribers to this blog may remember that I mentioned a few weeks back that Google had lied to me insofar as it promised me that having a functioning human body and being prepared to spend 50 bucks on a triathlon entry fee were all the attributes I needed to qualify myself as a bona-fide triathlete.  If you missed it, I proved this to be Google-branded lies and deception here, here and here (well, everywhere really)

Unfortunately today it is my sad duty to inform you that another great lie is circulating on Google regarding triathlons. 

It goes something along the lines of ‘you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do a triathlon’.

How.  Ridiculous.

I fell for this crap, I hasten to add. Before I signed up for my baby Bribie triathlon, I ran through a quick checklist in my head – I’ve done a running race before and didn’t buy anything special except a new hat which I still have, so I’m probably all set there.  I can borrow Shane’s bike, just need a cheap helmet. I can swim in the pool at the gym (the cost of which is included in my existing gym membership anyway) and just need some kind of swimming costume to wear.

Total – two things to purchase, maybe at a cost of $100 all up, I decided.

How. Ridiculous.

Below is a list of everything I have bought so far, followed by a list of things I am still saving up for.  You can laugh, you can cry; I have done both.  Yesterday I suggested to Shane that we set a limit on the amount we spend on Christmas presents for each other, which goes against every single one of my extremely serious Christmas Beliefs. Shane just laughed at me because he knows I couldn’t actually stick to a budget for Christmas presents, but it’s a good job he doesn’t read this stupid blog otherwise he might be concerned about what I am actually going to be able to afford to get him.  Maybe he’d like a nose clip?

As you read this and gasp please note that I have even been trying to do this cheaply…

Goggles – $7 Kmart
Ear Plugs – $15 Ebay
Nose Clip – $10 Ebay
Swimming Cap – $15 Ebay
Swimming Costume – $20 Big W
Tri Suit – $70 Ebay
Orthotic Insoles – $247 Dan Everson Podiatry (plus our Health Insurance paid $400 – $647 total!)
Cycling Helmet – $20 Kmart
New Cycling Helmet – free from Grandpa (thanks Gramps)
Cycling saddle pad – $5 Ebay
Cycling Shoes – $35 second hand on Ebay
Sunglasses strap – $1.30 Ebay
Race Number Belt – $9 Ebay
Running Shorts – $28 Ebay (yet to arrive! See Instagram)
Bribie Entry Fee – $52
Road bike – $1064.00 from 99 Bikes
Noosa Entry Fee – $343.23
Noosa Accomodation – $1432 Peppers Resort

Total So Far: $3,373.53

Still to buy, but putting off for as long as possible (prices are based on my research):

Triathlon Watch – $500
Triathlon Australia Membership – $205
Cycling gloves – $45
Padded cycling shorts – $100
Cycling jersey x 2 – $200.00
Bike lock – $30
Cycling Socks – $35
Flat tyre repair kit (CO2 cylinders, tubes, tyre lever, bike bag to store them in) – $75
Bike lights for winter – $75
Bike trainer (for indoor training when raining etc) – $200?? Prices go up to $600 so not sure yet
Bike mount for car (to transport bike) – $100
Bike bento box – $20
Race nutrition to put in bento box – $25
Pre-race bike tune up – $59
Water bottles x 2 and second water bottle cage – $50
Aerobars – $200
Headphones for entertainment while on the treadmill – $40
Running Socks – $35
Sports bra to match tri suit – $60
Backup running shoes – $250
Sports sunglasses – $40
Spare pair of goggles – $7 although I’d like to spend a bit more and get comfortable ones
Kickboard – $30 (unless I find one in Lost Property)
Ticket for mid-distance triathlon to prepare for Noosa – $95.40

Still to buy: $2,476.40

Potential Total: $5,849.93

If anyone needs me, I’ll be curled up in the fetal position in the corner.

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