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It began with signing up for the Bribie Triathlon… (click to read)

I nearly drowned (click to read)

I ran like an 80 year-old (click)

I didn’t own a bike, but Shane (my partner) hooked me up (click)

I took a gamble and entered the Noosa Triathlon (click)

Improvement was slow, but it could have been worse

I wrote a post that got triple the number of views than any previous post – read it to find out why!

I had lots of help and persevered

At the half-way mark to Bribie, no-one was sure I would make it.

I took a break over Christmas and came back with a vengeance.

I even beat my running injuries and managed to complete my first parkrun

And finally, it was race day at Bribie Island Triathlon 2016.

With the new goal of the Straddie Salute in focus, my running got serious.

My swimming form took a turn for the better.

Although it wasn’t all fun and games – I suffered my first near-death experience and a swimming DNF

I kept focused on why doing a triathlon race is so exciting

And on the people that inspire me.

The Straddie Salute Triathlon came and went,

Quickly followed by my longest running-only event, the City2South 14km run

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