Hotter Than a Jalapeno


Smokin’ hot

Hot in terms of temperature, that is.  You know, like when I’m working out and sweaty.  Because as the following compilation of photos shows, triathlon is definitely not sexy.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog over the last few months, it has helped to keep me motivated and on track.  There is a lot more to come next year but in the meantime I wish you all a very merry Christmas tomorrow.  Shane and I are going fishing in the morning and to my Mum’s for Christmas dinner (we’re seeing Shane’s family tonight and Boxing Day)

Some of these pictures have never been featured before.  So don’t say I didn’t get you anything for Christmas!

OK so first up, I don’t know why I look so pleased with myself in this picture:

In my swimming hat and goggles

But thank goodness for low light in this one:

My first triathlon suit

Oh alright, here it is without low light:


The dark patches in the next picture are sweat.  Yes, I was in a public gym looking like this:

She Can Sweat

And this is how I was originally going to the public pool.  I apologise:

Nose clip

Although, the moment I get out of the pool and remove my goggles is surely worse than the nose clip:


As for riding my bike, my legs looks like sausages in my lovely cycling shorts.  And let’s not talk about the crotch area:


It’s not much better from behind (maybe I shouldn’t be planning rides to local coffee shops after all?)


Sadly I was wearing those shorts when I got a flat tyre and had to sit by the side of the road for 15 minutes, where I subjected the passing motorists to that bum and this face:


And here is a random glamour shot after swimming in the ocean:


The moral of the story?  If you are vain, do not attempt triathlon.  It will not be a good match.

And if you’re wondering when it was exactly that I lost all shred of dignity and stopped caring about sharing such awful photos with the world, I can confirm that it was actually well before I started triathlon training, back when my partner Shane was a beekeeper (apiarist) and I accidentally got stung on the lip by a bee.

Of course, even though I hid inside for a couple of days, Shane kindly shared the photo with everyone we saw over the next few weeks.  And once you’ve seen me in this photo, you can’t un-see it.

Brace yourselves.


OK here it is:




Stung by a bee

Stung be a bee or cosmetic surgery gone wrong?

Merry Christmas!

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