Welcome, 2016


This is how I awoke to 2016. Hungover and makeup everywhere.

Here we are, the Year Of The Triathlon. It is upon me.

There is something exciting but also very scary about being able to say ‘This year, I am going to do a triathlon’.  Technically, I can say that I will be doing my first triathlon next month. Next month.

What the bloody hell have I done? I am not a triathlete!

Note to self: swim+bike+run+me=triathlete. Fact. 

I am a triathlete, and in 2016 I will demonstrate this publicly on at least three occasions. Bribie, Straddie and Noosa had better watch out.

I am not big into resolutions but I am happy to say that last year I made two resolutions and I succeeded at one of them; to make the effort to wear proper makeup each time I left the house (except obviously for going to the gym or going for a run etc) which I did on most days. I even bought actual brand-name mascara as opposed to using whatever dried out old tube of crap came free on one of the magazines I bought for a holiday trip.

The other 2015 resolution was to learn a bit about car mechanics, because I hate cars and frankly they frighten me every time they make a weird noise or something unusual happens because I become convinced the noise or unusual thing means the car will blow up and kill me. I thought if I learned how to fix car problems I might be less concerned when said problems inevitably crop up.

But then of course I remembered that cars and mechanics and science stuff is as boring as this blog is, so I un-resolved myself to learning about it. And today I continue to drive in a state of fear and complete panic every time the radio somehow turns itself off or the windscreen wipers seem to be going faster than normal.

In ‘The Year Of Triathlon’ aka 2016 my resolutions are not what my boss would call SMART. If you have not held a devastatingly banal job at any point in the last 20 years you may not be aware that when referring to goals and targets, SMART does not mean clever. S stands for something (not something, but… Wait, I am too hungover to clarify that) and M stands for measurable and A stands for something (that kind of something, see) and R stand for something, you get the picture.

So goals should be measurable. Mine are not. This year, in 2016, I simply want to do whatever I can and take every opportunity to be better than I was last year, at all things, and to be grateful for the chance to do so.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Welcome, 2016

  1. I love that you can ‘un-resolve’ to do something! I never realised that before. I resolve to do it soon. Looks like a me you had a good nye too.

  2. Yes sometimes you must prepare to stand corrected when you realise that your resolve was misplaced. For instance, when I resolved to drink ALL THE BEER on New Years Eve, I should have been ready to un-resolve myself but I neglected to do so and paid for it today.

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