You Can Try, Too

There is nothing special about this weirdo sitting in front of a keyboard that enables her to do a triathlon (or anything for that matter) that you can’t.

Of course we are all unique and special snowflakes and some people are naturally better at certain things than others.  And although I strongly believe that nobody has a natural talent for triathlons except the aliens, I’ll admit that perhaps there are elements of the triathlon that are slightly easier for some people than they are for me, or would be for you.

But there isn’t enough of a difference that you and I can’t make up the gap with a bit of extra hard work.  In fact, I think that requirement for extra work will eventually make us better athletes than those who have a bit of natural talent, because we’ll have the mental strength from earning our place.

If, like me, you are just starting to physically test out this amazing home you were given at birth called your body, then why not try something that other bodies have done?  Millions of people have done triathlons and survived it, so why not you, too?  If you think you are too busy, I guarantee someone busier than you is training for a triathlon at the very second you read this.  If you think you are too unfit, I also guarantee that someone less fit than you is signing up for a triathlon this week.  If you think you don’t know where to start, then you are at the right place because I will share my journey with you and you can base your own journey on that.

NOTE: get your money back with 100% interest if you can disprove either of the above guarantees in the next 30 days.

Every single soul that stands at the start of a triathlon has had to work really hard to get there.  They have had to challenge themselves, push their limits, try things they never thought they would.  Yes, even the man and woman that will win it started by thinking ‘I can’t currently do a triathlon, but I might try’.

Now, here is a disclaimer because I can hear someone screaming it already: I loved going to the gym before I started my triathlon journey, so I was already physically quite fit and I was in the habit of getting up early to go get hot and sweaty.  But if you’re not in that position, that just means I am talking to a person that is where I was 5 years before I signed up for my first triathlon: unfit; no gym membership; eating crappy food.  And just like I did, you will have to start at some point from that position.  I will make sure I do some posts in future about what it was like to start right at the beginning, but I just don’t want anyone to think that just because I was slightly fit when I signed up for a triathlon means that slightly unfit people have no hope.